Shiren 6.50 WA

We present a new model, the Shiren 6'50 WA, the first units will be delivered from May, and within days, we will put on our website, the first photos of the prototype browsing.

The 6'50 Shiren WA is a boat with the hull base 6 m (5.98 m exactly, documentation issues), the well-known by all and used in the 23 and 22, which has provided good results as long as renowned among professionals and customers. On this hull has developed a new cover and distribution, designed by Italian engineers and presents the design and style lines we expected to start this project. The 6'50 Shiren WA is a very sport boat, which has a large sundeck at bow area, with easy access from the cockpit, a comfortable aft seat and integrated swim platforms. Inside the cabin, you can enjoy a wide double berth, stowage lockers and a bathroom with toilet and shower (the chemical toilet is standard, but optionally you can mount the electric toilet).

The aesthetics of this boat is very modern, Italian design, is what you need, and we sincerely believe that attractive.

As the result of the fairing, 150 hp maximum power in the protoptipo you can see in the video, assembled power is 115 hp, and although it had, at the time of the test, the most suitable propeller, exceeded 35 knots, with two people on board and medium tanks. These performance with reduced power as 115 hp we can offer a possibility Pack priced and very interesting content.

Weight 980 Kg
Categoría de diseño B
Overall length 6.38 m
Hull length 5.95 m
Sleeve 2.50 m
Number of people 8
Maxima engine 150 HP
Nº de Camarotes litera doble
Nº de Baños independientes 1

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